Gr. Scheidegg Biwak

Stansstad Brünig - Meiringen - Grosse Scheidegg - Interlaken - Thun - Bern - Emmental - Entlebuch - Glaubenbergpass - Stansstad

There was this cool seminar at Uni Bern that I wanted to see, but I really didn't feel like taking the train, so I decided to bike. Because the seminar was in the morning, I thought that spending the night somewhere half way would make sense, so I went to Grosse Scheidegg. This was the second time I visited that Pass, after coming through here on my way to Interlaken in the spring (see entry here). So, classic route, via Brünig - Meiringen - Rosenlaui. I got there just in time for the sunset, quite the scene with the north faces of Wetterhorn and Eiger. At night a fox checked out my camp, and stole my breakfast. I woke up from the noise of my tupperware opening. Well, apparently foxes like apple cake. 🙂

Große Scheidegg

Luzern - Brünig - Rosenlaui - gr. Scheidegg - Interlaken

Clemens recommended the "Große Scheidegg" already a while ago, and today I finally did it. First you have to do the Brünig (good warm up), and then you go past Meiringen, up and into the Reichenbachtal. There a lot of water is coming down from the snowfields of Wetterhorn and Rosenlaui-Gletscher. Wetterhorn's north face is covered with fresh snow, and a lot of the trees a still without leaves. As I got closer to the pass I encountered a lot of snow, almost a meter at the top (1962 m).  Luckily the sun is warm, and I ride down past Grindelwald and towards Interlaken, where I catch a train back to Lucerne.