Giswilerstock, or, how I broke my collarbone

Protective, yeah my ass

What was meant to be a half day bike+hike ended with a broken collarbone and two days in the hospital in Obwalden. Clemens and I left at 7:00 from Stansstad, and biked to Glaubenbielen road via Wilen. Super nice and pristine scenery, there was some fog but it was clearing up as we came closer to Giswiler stock. We biked up to Sandboden and then hiked towards Furgge on the other side. Well, it was more trail running than hiking. Above 1400 m there was still quite a bit of snow, which is probably why we lost our path and ended up in the wrong valley. We hiked up across a steep snow field, then rubble, then grass, and the we reached the ridge. Very nice up there, very exposed. We hiked towards Giswiler Stock (I guess I will come back for Schafsnase some other time). At the Gipfelkreuz we had a coffee, and started our very fast descent. Found our bikes again and rushed down Glaubenbielen road, all fun and good. It happened in Alpnach Dorf, where I got in between Clemens and a guy we were passing. Suddenly I became faster, but I didn't have any space to maneuver. I touched Clemens' back tire, lost control of my bike, and fell - at over 40 kmh - on my back. Must be the toughest blow I ever took. I slid across the asphalt for a few meters, and then the pain hit me. I could immediately feel that something was broken, and then I felt and saw how my chest looked really weird. Luckily nothing more serious happened. My bike was also fine! Long story short: I recovered, but that was a close one. Hope that was the last accident for a while...


Altdorf - Klausenpass - Glarus - Mels - Klosters - Silvretta

I really enjoyed hiking in the Silvretta region earlier that summer with Julia, so I decided to do a spontaneous bike to the Silvretta hut. The weather was still quite stable, and I hadn't really used my BMC-Granfondo for traveling with some luggage before. To save some time I took the first train from Lucerne to Altdorf, and then biked up Klausenpass. Was very nice, I was almost alone on the road. At the top I met some very early season skitourers en route to Clariden. Afterwards I could enjoy a nice long to Glarus - beautiful Kanton. After a coffee in Näfels I biked up towards Filzbach, above Lake Walen. That's where I broke my bike rack - bummer! I improvised a fix and biked to Mels, where I took the train to Landquart/Klosters - it was already pretty late. In Klosters I left on bag and the broken rack in a locker, converted the other bag to a backpack, and biked up towards Monbiel. I quickly hiked up to the hut, came just in time for dinner.
In the night it started snowing, and the conditions were much less favorable than the night before. I still wanted to check out the glacier. So I hiked up there in my biking gear - brr. Somehow I kept going and going and after two hours I ended up at Tälistock. That's when it started snowing again, and I was in the middle of it. Took me a while to find my way back. By the time I was back at the hut it was cloud free and really nice again - great! I grabbed my stuff and biked back to Klosters. Shortly before my back-tire ripped and I couldn't continue to bike again. I decided to have my bike to be brought back by SBB service, grabbed two beers, and took the train home - what a weekend!


Brünig - Interlaken - Reichenbach - Unterniesen - Niesen - Interlaken

Great and long bike'n'hike in Bern. Clemens and I started early (~7.15) from Brünig pass to have enough daylight for the tour. However, still dark - not the most fun biking down a mountain pass in the dark with temperatures just above freezing. Still, we made it to Interlaken, had a little snack in Aeschi, and biked up to Unterniesen. Pretty steep, but nicely paved. Started the hike around 11:30, reached the top at around 13:00. Adrien and Florian, coming from Thun from the other side, were already there. So we had a little lunch, froze our asses off, and went down again. The warm afternoon sun on Entschligental made for a pleasant decent, but we knew we had to get back into the cold in the valley, the temperature inversion was persistent. Back in Interlaken the Niesen sent us goodbye greetings as we hopped on the train for the 2 hour ride back to Lucerne - what a day!

Clemens' blog entry of this tour:


Luzern - Eigenthal - Oberalp - Feld - Kastanienbaum

Another bike+hike to Eigenthal. This place is so close and so pretty, it just makes sense to do it quickly before work. The Pilatus ridge, from Esel to Risetestock offers many nice views of Obwalden, Saarntal and Schlierental. The Engelberg Alps with Titlis and Bernese Alps with Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau seem very close. Also seems like a great place for camping!


Luzern - Eigenthal - Regenflüeli - Kastanienbaum

Eigenthal, so close to Lucerne (~10 km by bike) that it essentially feels like your backyard. Yet this little valley is remarkably wild, almost feels abandoned despite the little village at the valley entry.

Because of the fog that turns to ice and freezes on all surfaces it hits the trees have to carry tons of frozen water - this is no snow. As soon as the sun hits, the ice falls to the ground and it sounds like shattering glass all around you.


Habkern - Augstmatthorn - Habkern - Sörenberg - Wollhusen - Luzern

Fun little tour with friends and colleagues from ETH / ACE. The days before were terribly foggy, but nothing like breaking through the fog-ceiling, and wander above the clouds. Even met some ibex (Steinbock) that were clearly not impressed by the view our presence.

Biking back through Entlebuch was fun, but less *road* and more *off* than appropriate for my roadbike. Still fun...