Gaulihütte (2 days)

This was a two day tour in the Gauli area, in the uppermost valleys of the Berner Oberland (I can finally say that I skitoured the famous Bernese alps :-). But before we could get on our ski, we had to get from Innertkirchen to Handegg. This took a bit longer, because the bus didn't come (!). Wow, another premiere for this weekend. After we got up to Räterichsboden, we entered the Bächlital where we met Adrien, who biwaked the night up here, coming somewhere from Goms. At noon we crossed the Obri Bächlilicken between Bächlistock and Gross Diamantstock. Very interesting, about 25 m on iron ladders, and on the other side a steep passage with chains. After lunch break, we skied down to Gaulisee across the glacier, and went through a bunch of different snow types. Fine slush at the top, mashed potatoes at the bottom. A bit later we reached Gaulihütte. So far so good.
The next day we got up a bit earlier, at 4:30, to check the weather. It was really shitty, very rainy. So, instead of going up to Rosenlauihorn across the Gauligletscher, we went back to where we came from. Half way up the glacier it started snowing and the wind got stronger. It felt like quite the adventure when going down the ladders. We skied back to Bächlital through ice cold rain. The other way may have been better. I can still hear Adrien going "grrr" when we got to Meiringen and it was super sunny....


Arth Goldau - Rigi Kulm - Rigi Scheidegg - Lauerz

30 cm snow in the lowlands - in late April! I thought I was done with skitouring for this year, but Adrien talked me into going again. I thought, sure, lets do Rigi - it's close and I can cross it off my list. We got to Goldau quite early, and started walking towards Blätzen. It was actually quite tough to get through the masses of snow (must have been close to a meter [!] of new snow). Once leaving from Kulm, the snow got really wet in the warm spring sun, and that's when the fun started: after getting yelled at for crossing somebody's yard (I thought there is no "private property" in the Swiss mountain region), we were on the ascent to Dosse. Big chunks of snow got stuck under our ski, which was really tough. After reaching the ridge I wasn't less exhausted than on any other hochtour. Oh well, skiing down was ok fun, to much deep "Bremsschnee". Approaching Lauerz we got yelled at a second time by some lady who wanted to make we understand that "it's spring and no time for skiing anymore, especially on farmland meadows (which even in the valley were still covered under ~20 cm of snow). Ok, we thought, thanks for telling us, and wanted to get out of there. Unfortunately, someone didn't check the bus schedule for Lauerz properly, so we had to hitchhike to Goldau. Some nice guy from Muoatathal ("that's were all the snow in Switzerland comes from") brought us all the way.

Franzosenroute (3 days)

Wiggen - Chelenenlücke - Sustenlimi - Sustenhorn - Tierberghütte - Zwischen Tierbergen - Trifttellti - Sacklimi - Steinhushoren - Trifthütte - Eggstock - Dammastock - Tiefenberglücke - Realp