Dent de Morcles (2 days)

Lausanne - Champex - Le Diabley - Cab. du Fenestral - Dent de Morcles - Tete Noire - Tete du Portai

Two day ski tour in Wallis, at the Southwestern tip of the Rhone valley. I left Luzern at 4:55 in the mornoing en route to Lausanne. Five hours and one major traffic jam later we arrived at the parking lot in Champex. This region received lots of snow in the past few days (~70 cm), so powder everwhere! We did not meet anyone all day, so we made our own tracks and had the great views of Mt. Blanc to ourselves. We reached the hut (Cabane du Fenestral) at around 16:00. Probably the fanciest hut I have ever stayed in, with electricity from solar panels powering a stove.

The next day we started with the ascent to Dent de Morcles, which is just below 3000m. It was cloudy and very windy up there, but the slopes were fine, still good powder with some ground contact! We continued to Tete Noir, and what followed then was probably one of the nicest slopes I ever skied: 800 m elevation difference, 30° and poooowder. Two more ascents, on the last one we got hit by Fön, so stormy! We then had to ski down through the woods and against some wind, but everybody made it to the car in one piece. Great Weekend!

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