Giswilerstock, or, how I broke my collarbone

Protective, yeah my ass

What was meant to be a half day bike+hike ended with a broken collarbone and two days in the hospital in Obwalden. Clemens and I left at 7:00 from Stansstad, and biked to Glaubenbielen road via Wilen. Super nice and pristine scenery, there was some fog but it was clearing up as we came closer to Giswiler stock. We biked up to Sandboden and then hiked towards Furgge on the other side. Well, it was more trail running than hiking. Above 1400 m there was still quite a bit of snow, which is probably why we lost our path and ended up in the wrong valley. We hiked up across a steep snow field, then rubble, then grass, and the we reached the ridge. Very nice up there, very exposed. We hiked towards Giswiler Stock (I guess I will come back for Schafsnase some other time). At the Gipfelkreuz we had a coffee, and started our very fast descent. Found our bikes again and rushed down Glaubenbielen road, all fun and good. It happened in Alpnach Dorf, where I got in between Clemens and a guy we were passing. Suddenly I became faster, but I didn't have any space to maneuver. I touched Clemens' back tire, lost control of my bike, and fell - at over 40 kmh - on my back. Must be the toughest blow I ever took. I slid across the asphalt for a few meters, and then the pain hit me. I could immediately feel that something was broken, and then I felt and saw how my chest looked really weird. Luckily nothing more serious happened. My bike was also fine! Long story short: I recovered, but that was a close one. Hope that was the last accident for a while...

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