Gross Ruchen

Unterschächen - Brunni - Ruchenchälen - Gross Ruchen

Technical skitour in Uri. After a really short night (saw "Warpaint" in Zurich the night before) Adrien and Clemu joined me on the Tellbus to Uri. Shortly after Unterschächen we put on our ski and moved towards Brunni at the end of the valley. There we were able to witness what a few days of heavy snowfall followed by somewhat warmer temperatures do to the snowpack: avalanche cones everywhere, unfortunately also in our path up the Ruchenchälen - tedious.
The ascent through the extremely long and increasingly steep couloir made the centerpiece of the tour. At the top the slope gradient exceeds 40°, and the hard snowcrust made it technically very challenging - at least for me. While Adrien and Clemens went trought fairly quick, I took a bit longer. It also didn't help that another guy slipped and and skidded down right next to me. Luckily he stopped after a few dozen meters. Some of his stuff, including his glasses were already hundreds of meters further down in the Ruchenchälen.
 Finally we reached the Ruchenfirn below Chänzeli. Amazing views onto Tödi, Tödifirn and Oberalpstock. One hour later we deposited the ski, and started the peak ascent with crampons and snowaxe. After 30 mins we reached the top, at the heart of Uri! The following downhill run was fun, snow in the Chälen was now sulzig to the max, perfect. 

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