Brünig - Interlaken - Reichenbach - Unterniesen - Niesen - Interlaken

Great and long bike'n'hike in Bern. Clemens and I started early (~7.15) from Brünig pass to have enough daylight for the tour. However, still dark - not the most fun biking down a mountain pass in the dark with temperatures just above freezing. Still, we made it to Interlaken, had a little snack in Aeschi, and biked up to Unterniesen. Pretty steep, but nicely paved. Started the hike around 11:30, reached the top at around 13:00. Adrien and Florian, coming from Thun from the other side, were already there. So we had a little lunch, froze our asses off, and went down again. The warm afternoon sun on Entschligental made for a pleasant decent, but we knew we had to get back into the cold in the valley, the temperature inversion was persistent. Back in Interlaken the Niesen sent us goodbye greetings as we hopped on the train for the 2 hour ride back to Lucerne - what a day!

Clemens' blog entry of this tour:

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