Gr. Scheidegg Biwak

Stansstad Brünig - Meiringen - Grosse Scheidegg - Interlaken - Thun - Bern - Emmental - Entlebuch - Glaubenbergpass - Stansstad

There was this cool seminar at Uni Bern that I wanted to see, but I really didn't feel like taking the train, so I decided to bike. Because the seminar was in the morning, I thought that spending the night somewhere half way would make sense, so I went to Grosse Scheidegg. This was the second time I visited that Pass, after coming through here on my way to Interlaken in the spring (see entry here). So, classic route, via Brünig - Meiringen - Rosenlaui. I got there just in time for the sunset, quite the scene with the north faces of Wetterhorn and Eiger. At night a fox checked out my camp, and stole my breakfast. I woke up from the noise of my tupperware opening. Well, apparently foxes like apple cake. 🙂


Altdorf - Klausenpass - Glarus - Mels - Klosters - Silvretta

I really enjoyed hiking in the Silvretta region earlier that summer with Julia, so I decided to do a spontaneous bike to the Silvretta hut. The weather was still quite stable, and I hadn't really used my BMC-Granfondo for traveling with some luggage before. To save some time I took the first train from Lucerne to Altdorf, and then biked up Klausenpass. Was very nice, I was almost alone on the road. At the top I met some very early season skitourers en route to Clariden. Afterwards I could enjoy a nice long to Glarus - beautiful Kanton. After a coffee in Näfels I biked up towards Filzbach, above Lake Walen. That's where I broke my bike rack - bummer! I improvised a fix and biked to Mels, where I took the train to Landquart/Klosters - it was already pretty late. In Klosters I left on bag and the broken rack in a locker, converted the other bag to a backpack, and biked up towards Monbiel. I quickly hiked up to the hut, came just in time for dinner.
In the night it started snowing, and the conditions were much less favorable than the night before. I still wanted to check out the glacier. So I hiked up there in my biking gear - brr. Somehow I kept going and going and after two hours I ended up at Tälistock. That's when it started snowing again, and I was in the middle of it. Took me a while to find my way back. By the time I was back at the hut it was cloud free and really nice again - great! I grabbed my stuff and biked back to Klosters. Shortly before my back-tire ripped and I couldn't continue to bike again. I decided to have my bike to be brought back by SBB service, grabbed two beers, and took the train home - what a weekend!

Brisen – Niderbauen Chulm

This was a really nice tour on a lush summer day - the first longer one I did after having a bad bike-accident earlier that summer. I guess I started a bit late, but I still managed to get up to brisen by 12:00. After that you maintain at least 1800 m, but it still goes up and down lot, creating a mean "saw-tooth" elevation profile (~2500 m gain total). Anyways, next to Arvigrad my favorite "ridge-tour" in my backyard.