Twin peaks in Eigenthal

Kriens - Frägmüntegg - Eigenthal - Regeflueli - Studberg

First Skitour in Eigenthal - amazing! Clemens and I started in Kriens and walked about in the fog first to Krienseregg and then to Frägmüntegg. No people, just tons of snow, silence and warm sun. Soon we reach Pilatus' shadow, where it's around -10°, so we un-skin quickly to be back in the Sun again.

In Eigenthal at Honegg we meet tobi, and ascent in the sun. Lots of tracks around here, this tour is a classic and so we meet many people on our way, but still not too crowded. On the way down we first take the topmost slope to hike back up Studberg again, Regeflueli's twin-peak. 

All in all great day, except I broke my ski in the end. Dumb story, if want to know what happened, ask me 😉

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