Publications and presentations


Presentation: Lürig, M.D., Dakos, V., Matthews, B.  Species interactions and the stability of aquatic ecosystems. Center for Adaptation to a changing environment - Closing Conference. Borgen, Hocken


Presentation: Lürig, M.D., Best, R.J., Svitok, M., Jokela J., Matthews, B .  Interactive effects of selection and plasticity during rapid evolution of a freshwater isopod. Dynatrait Conference. Stephansstift Hannover


Lürig, M.D., Best, R.J., Stachowicz, J.J. Microhabitat partitioning in seagrass mesograzers is driven by consistent species choices across multiple predator and competitor contexts. Oikos. DOI: 10.1111/oik.02932


Lürig, M.D., Kunzmann A. Effects of short term aragonite undersaturation and elevated temperature on the physiology of Stylophora pistillata. Journal of Sea Research, 99, 26–33.

Presentation: Lürig, M.D., Best, R.J., Stachowicz, J.J. Microhabitat selection by seagrass mesograzers: effects of predation, trait variation and species interactions. Western Society of Naturalists Annual Meeting. Oxnard, CA


  • ACE Conference Monte Verita 2016 (PDF)
  • CEEB-Competition Kastanienbaum 2016 (1st. Prize - PDF)
  • Biology Bern 2017 (PDF)   
  • ESEB Groningen 2017 (PDF